Day: January 15, 2012

PHP: mysqli and 64bit numbers – a real pain in the ass

Due to some unfortunate bugs on my project I recently discovered a terrific problem with mysqli and 64bit numbers: no matter you have a 64bit OS and php is compiled for x64, mysqli will truncate the to 32bit any 64bit number when calling the mysqli_stmt::bind_param() method. Due to this  and the fact that I was using […]

PHP: don’t use time() or microtime() to measure execution time

As Thomas Habets posted on it’s blog ( gettimeofday() and time() should only be used to get the current time if the current wall-clock time is actually what you want. They should never be used to measure time or schedule an event X time into the future. And because the time() and microtime() function relies on gettimeofday(), those […]