Month: March 2015

A promise implementation for objective-c: CKPromise

Now that we went through all promise technical details in the past articles: Promises and ObjectiveC: no more callback hell, Promises: basics, and Promises: advanced, it’s time to discuss  about one of the available implementations, and for subjective reasons I chose CKPromise. Other good implementations that I know of are PromiseKit and RXPromise. CKPromise focuses only on […]

Promises: advanced

In the previous article we discussed about the basics of promises: what are and how can be used. Today I will bring into discussion the most powerful feature of promises: chaining. But first I just want to take a short detour and mention that as the standard for promises emerged on the Javascript platform, it allows completion […]

Promises: basics

In my previous article, I introduced the concept of promise, a technique that allows us to write async code in a more sync-ish manner. In this article and the following ones I will try to dive into the definition and expectancies of a promise. So what is a promise? A promise represents the eventual result of an asynchronous operation. This […]