Freelancer messes up with the old vWorker users

So Freelancer finally acquired vWorker. They must be very happy… well, I’m not. Firstly my old password from vWorker no longer worked, then when I tried to recover it it didn’t worked (don’t use the login popup that appears in the left side to reset the password – only the popup from the right side works), and when eventually I was able to reset it, to my own surprize I was not allowed to use my fancy symbols &^$#* – freelancer only accepts alphanumeric characters (what password security is this?).

So if you’re a vWorker account holder and want to see the features that came from freelancer, you’d better make sure you have a password that contains letters and numbers, otherwise you won’t be able to login.

More, you won’t be able to bid on projects until they’re satisfied with the level of profile completion they need for their twisted logics.

My freelancer career ends here… not that I had used it in the past couple of years… I really miss the old rentacoder where you were able to work on projects and be sure that you receive your money if you did your work, no other strings attached, just work. Surely I don’t need a freelancer account where the bureaucracy is similar to the one from Romania.

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